How Does an ONITWORLD Giveaway work?

How does an ONITWORLD giveaway work?

At ONITWORLD we reward a random customer with a luxury product or experience every 90 days! Each quarter throughout the year we release a new collection of products in which customers can purchase to have a chance to win the giveaway that is running at that time. 

How do I enter the giveaway?

Entering in our giveaways has never been easier, simply purchase any product on and you will receive 1 automatic entry for each $1 you spend. Your entries will count towards the giveaway running at the time of your purchase.

Our online store is built to incorporate all our products in each giveaway. For example, if you purchase the Astronaut Windbreaker for $50 then you would receive 50 automatic entries to the current running giveaway. Your entries are attached to your name in our system and accumulate as you purchase more. Customers can purchase as many entries and products as they wish!

If you are lucky enough to find us at one of the few events we attend throughout the year, you can also purchase products there. It is the same process, but you get to see us press the buttons. :)

How long is each giveaway?

We announce a winner every 90 days. At the end of the giveaway period, the winner will be drawn and notified via email within 24 hours of the giveaway ending. A new product collection will be released in conjunction with each giveaway. The goal is to bring you exclusive designs and clothing pieces associated with each quarterly giveaway. 

How do I know if I won the giveaway?

We use industry standard tools to determine the winner of each giveaway. With thousands of dollars of value on the line, we are built for the occasion. Your entries are tracked and run through a random generator and the winner is selected!

Once the giveaway winner is picked we will then notify them via email and phone number. The winner will then have 48 hours after us reaching out to confirm. If the winner fails to notify the ONITWORLD team within the designated time frame, the process will be run again and a new winner will be chosen. The winner will also be posted on our Winners Page for everyone to see.

How is the item or adventure selected?

We hand pick each giveaway based on the seasons, weather, new industry innovations and news, as well as our favorite experiences! This is our favorite part, we could not have a better job than crafting and giving away the most spectacular experience. To get some context, the Turks and Caicos Giveaway was an experience that we went through and could not wait to share with you!

Order and Entries Confirmation

After placing an order online or in person, you will receive an email with your confirmed amount of entries. Along with your order details and summary. You can access our contact information


All orders will be fulfilled and shipped within 7-14 days. You will receive shipping confirmation upon order fulfillment. You can then track your order and entries while you wait for the giveaway announcement!

Returns & Refunds

All sales are final. We unfortunately cannot process any refunds or returns. Each purchase contains entries and it would not be fair to allow refunds and returns throughout the giveaway period. If you have a sizing issue or would like to exchange a product for equal value, please Contact Us and we would be happy to help you to get you the product you desire.