Galaxy G2 Backfire Electric Skateboard

Galaxy G2 Backfire Electric Skateboard

Backfire Electric Skateboards

For this ONITWORLD giveaway, we chose to go with 4 Backfire Electric Skateboards. The Galaxy G2 and the G2 Black, both exceptional boards, hit the ground running with this giveaway! We were so excited to get our hands on these boards to put through the paces.

Backfire Galaxy G2 Initial Thoughts

First off, these things are fast! As soon as you get your hands on the controller, you have the power. With stable controls and a sleek controller design, we are stoked to ride this board whether running errands or cruising down the coastline!


The board’s shape stays narrow throughout the whole board allowing for a sleek design and optimal performance while a thicker rail in the center ensures a smoother ride. With 96mm Urethane wheels, pebbles and debris stand no chance against this board! Riding over curbs, bumps and any obstructions is a breeze compared to hard, small skateboard wheels. With improved top speed as well as battery efficiency, this board tops previous models with ease.


Backfire has a double drive motor going to both the wheels rather than just one like many other boards. This allows for an extremely in tune ride with lightning fast acceleration and precision. Having a dual motor system allows for smoother acceleration and even wear and tear to the wheels. 


We have tested this board throughout a few different surfaces now with some areas responding better than others. We have had some experience with other board sports such as the OneWheel and Carver Skateboards which both perform really well on gravel and sand, we are pleased to say that the Backfire Electric Skateboards have the same characteristics! 


Easy to use and extremely simple user interface. This is perfect for shredding and just focusing on your trigger. After using the controller for a long time, our hands were still comfortable and not strained. Many times with electronic controllers, your hand will be under significant strain during riding. Having ease of use and energy savings, this board is perfect for the daily driver!

Having tested many different e-foils and other electronic devices, this fits right in among the high quality that we come to expect from the industry leading brands such as Backfire! 


The team here at ONITWORLD is beyond stoked to be working with Backfire for this giveaway and for the opportunity to enjoy these boards!


  • Range: 11-12.5miles / 18-20km (80kg rider on E and S mode average 30km/h speed on flat road)
  • Speed: 24mph / 38kph
  • Battery: 18650 42V 180Wh
  • Motors: 400W X2 Super High Power Hobbywing Motors
  • Deck: Maple
  • Wheels: 96mm Replaceable
  • Trucks: 7 inch MD Front truck, New Back Rear Truck.
  • Charging Time: 3.5 Hours